Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Seckon Sockum 8-]

This one's a toe-up version with a spiraling pattern. I like the toe, and the pattern, but I'm not too happy with the cuff. Really no cuff. I'm too tight yet. If I could do it looser it might look better.
Now I'm on to my 3rd sockum. 8-]

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Purls of Wisdom ;->

I'm a knitter! 8-] I just knit my first sock!
Ok, it's only a baby sock -- a baby only a mother could love -- but it's my sockums.
I picked up the kewlest sock book at the Fabulous Fiber Fest last weekend, a funky little book about how to knit asymestrical socks. Well. Mine are going to turn out asymetrical anyway, so that just seemed right up my alley! One down and I'm working on the second. She has you knit her weird socks in mini form first, which is sure a good thing. So much less to rip out!
Naturally I'm using some pricy yarn I picked up at the Weavers' Cottage, but hey, at least it feels good running thru my fingers.