Monday, October 17, 2011

Fiber Frolic 2011 - Pictures

My sprang class -- all my serious students!

Steph finished her bag in class.


Rebekah all but finished her bag.  She worked on it all day.  That's dedication.  ;-]

Woody's fiber prep class:

There's Rebekah working away on her sprang.  ;->

The trick is to make the roving "unzip" from the drum just the way Woody demonstrated it.

Woody makes it look so easy.


Some other classes:
Tablet weaving

Some really kewl tablets made out of  Home Depot color chips...with hole protectors.


Bjeux tapestry

Spinning circle:

Dyeing station:

Felted scarves: 

Indigo Tye Dye:

Some of the merchants:

The end of a long, happy day:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sprang Class - Fiber Frolic

Here's a pic of a student working on a sprang loom.  Note the cord pushed to the top.  Loom was warped in the easy figure-8, with a string to hold the cross pushed to the top.


Stretcher bars came and I'm putting the looms together.  Had to buy all new looms this time so I ordered smaller bars to keep the cost down.  Still plenty of room to weave.


Sample loom for the class on Sat.

250 wraps on the bobbins.  Enough for two sprang bags.  20 loops on the looms.  4 skewers, 4 string place holders.  Tapestry needles.