Tuesday, July 31, 2012

silk worms

Image from fb.

Pottery for uses other than foods. This young Thai gentleman is spinning silk using traditional methods. The pot below holds a raging fire, the pot above boils the silk cocoons. Both pots were at least 1" thick.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sprang Tapestry

Designing a sprang-framed tapestry.  Got the idea at the fiber retreat.  What if I started a sprang piece, then when it got to about the middle third, cap it off with skewers and start weaving a tapestry on the remaining "warp" threads.

I would make a sprang piece about 6" wide, so the middle section would be 5" or so high (to allow for tapestry draw in).

I can see how difficult it is to needle weave it on the sprang frame.  If it's too elastic, I can remove it to a more stable card loom or foam core board, depending.  The sprang bits at the top and bottom could be stabilized and left to hang, or be pinned back out of the way.

When it comes to displaying the tapestry, it will hang from a bar at the top of the sprang and one from the bottom.  More if necessary to display the sprang bits.  Have to see how it acts.  Can't have it pulling in the tapestry, but the tapestry might be firm enough to hold the sprang open.

I'll work up a sketch.

And here's a sample cobbled together from a sprang piece and a tapestry:

saber tooth tiger