Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Woven-Felted Scarves

Here's the original concept -- felted bit added to a gauzy material to create a crinkle or seersucker effect:

Zen Garden

This is a loosly-woven scarf with filmy bits of roving felted on that wouldn't distort the matrix very much:

Starry Night

This is another loosly-woven scarf with more substancial felted bits.  The idea was to allow the felt to create a seersucker effect:

Stones in the Steam

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sky Blue Necklace

Working on a new pin-woven tapestry necklace.

The previous ones were spacy black.  This one will be sky blue.  With longer raindrops.

A combination of this:

And this:


Adding beads now.

You can use a tiny crochet hook to add the beads if they're large enough.

More beads.  I'm in the compulsive phase now.


Weaving now.  Beads tend to move around or get shoved out of the way before they're locked down.


A few more hours of weaving.

 It helps every now and then to trim the strings.  They only get in the way.


The new cloudy moon is larger than the old cloudy moon:

They're actually side by side, not an overlay.  I prefer the way I handle the stars now, passing the weft under them instead of isolating them.


Not much more to weave.  Then I can start in on the arms and clasp.


Tuck, tuck, tucking threads to the back.  Still a few patches left to weave.

Ends all tucked to the back.  Now for blocking and weaving the arms.