Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kamala Shibori

This is my kamala-dyed loom controlled shibori sample. Note the knife-edge pleats. That's because it sat for a year before I dyed it. I'm thinking I'll leave it this way as a demonstration piece.

It's approx. 12"x18", tabby with a twill pattern shot thrown after 4 tabby shots.

Twill really lends itself to loom controlled shibori. Not only is there a sharp color pattern, but there is a second paler color pattern.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fiber Retreat '08

Fiber Retreat - Natural Dyeing

Two skeins of pima cotton dipped in the natural dye pots at Fiber Retreat '08. I had so much fun bopping from pot to pot and dunking my yarn. 8-]

First I dropped the skein in kamala, then I dipped it half way in broom, onion, osage. Then I gave it a half turn and dipped it in brazinwood. A little bit of variation in the depth gave me more gradual shade change.

This skein was dipped in kamala, then broom. I then gave it a half turn and dunked it very briefly in indigo. A little variation with the depth gave me a gradual change in shade. I like how the yellow-oranges gave me a teally blue when the indigo hit the yarn.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Shibori - Brindle Twill

Cotton & cottolin warp, 22", 8-dent reed, twill, turns at center.
? weft -- still testing samples.

Ok, going with 3 white threads for weft, with shibori pattern every four passes.

getting started -- note shibori shots do not go all the way to the edge -- this will give me a dark border

Edge on. You can see the pattern better under the fold.

Off the loom, strings all pulled. Just out of the indigo pot -- note how everything first comes out green, then oxidizes to blue as it rests.

Shibori is in the middle -- it has turned dark blue -- a fresh indigo pot.

Sozzled in soapy water, then rinse water. Now it's handing up to dry on the line. In the 90+ degree heat it dried fast.

Ta-da! It worked better than I hoped. I got my brindle pattern.

Detail. Scarf hasn't been washed out to relax the pleats yet.