Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fiber Artist Bio

I had to make a bio page for an art gallery show I'm in, and tho I couldn't upload it here, I was able to more or less recreate it on my facebook page here:!/notes/ellen-shipley/ellen-shipley-woodcuts/10150417474201520

It's weighted toward printmaking because that's what I've got in the show.  ;-j

Friday, November 4, 2011

Double Woven Edges

Brilliant!  Check out Alice Schlein's Weaverly blog post featuring double woven edges:

I detest weaving edges, whether on a shawl or a towel, what-have-you.  Fringe takes forever to twine, and I don't like leaving it loose.  I've never cared for folding over and sewing either.  But this technique shows promise.

Start and end with double weave (and on a later post she shows you how to do that even on 4 harnesses:  When off the loom tuck the ends into the "tube" and whip closed.  Nice clear finish.  8-]

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My SCA Device

This is the mini-tapestry of my device for the Laurel's Cope.  I'm unsure how to deal with the back of the tapestry.  I've only ever mounted mini-tapestries to be framed, never to be work on a garment as a badge, and I'm unsure what is required.



And here it is on the Laurel's Cope at Coronation.  8-]

Sneaking a try-out of the cope.  ;->