Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cave Painting Tapestry -- The Process

Cave Painting -- the finished tapestry

The Process:

drawing the cartoon cartoon -- it sits under the warp threads while I weave

pastel -- a guideline for choosing threads and yarns

beginning the weaving process -- frame is a foam core board with waxed linen wrapped around pins

getting the unicorn right -- there is no set order to free-form needle tapesty

needle-shaping and filling in spots

ends all tucked in -- I prefer to work from the front because this style of tapestry is very textural; the back is smoother and more like conventional tapestry


Time Warps: Greek Vase (double woven tablet weave)


finished vase -- frame give shape to the vase


Time Warps: Proof of Alien Contact

alien vase in shaped frame


Needle woven tapestries

Hippolita -- Lascaux cave painting

Cave Unicorn -- Paleo-Mythos series

Cave Painting -- for Tina's b'day

Unicorn Tapestry -- Lin's b'day

Cat & Mouse -- Karen's b'day

Dove Ewe -- for Jeane

Needle Woven & Beaded Necklaces

Moon Faze

Noah's Arc

Sea Foam