Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brindle Project #1 -- blue-green shawl

I found a warp chain in the right colors.

Is there enough here for a weft instead? I'd rather use white in the warp and blue-green in the weft.

The idea is to weave a scarf in the brindle twill pattern to see how it looks, then tie on a new white silk warp for a woven shibori in the brindle pattern.

Winding on the warp. Going with the turqy shawl to test the pattern. If I shake a leg, I can wear the shawl at Dee's wedding on Sat.

All tied on and ready to weave.

Not quite there yet. Still looking for the right weft.

Weaving along.

Pattern rather vague -- can just see it edge on.

Hanging up to dry -- pretty, but a bit gauzy for my tastes.