Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have some elements to work on.  This cutting and unravelling didn't quite work out as it was supposed to, but I muddled thru.  I somehow made my opening a whole row too wide.  Don't know quite how I did that, but I ended up with two cut pieces on either side instead of one.

It's done!  It was scary going there toward the end.  I dropped a lot of stitches trying to figure out the binding off (the book had an improvement that I couldn't grok so I skipped it).  Then the same thing happened closing the heel.  I simply couldn't figure out the 3 needle bind off and dropped a lot of stitches in the process, so I made something up and it seems to have worked.

On the bright side, I can now repair dropped stitches.  ;-]

Now I'd better get to the second sock before I forget what I just did.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympics Challenge

There's a Craft Olympics Challenge and I've decided to knit a sock (hopefully two).  Here's the sock so far:

I'm almost to the mid point -- at least the mid point in the leg, where the slit will go.  Never attempted a sock like this before (I've attempted a couple of socks, but they've never gotten much past this point anyway).  So I have high hopes for this technique.

It's from one of Cat Bordhi's books, Personal Footprints.  I like it so far.  Tho I don't have complete confidence in my footprint.  I'll see how it turns out.


Curling works really great for knitting.

At this point I'm supposed to leave the heel 'til later and begin the leg.  But first I have to cut the yarn!!  I think I'll look at it a little longer before I do that....