Monday, June 25, 2007

woven shibori

My woven shibori project to go in the indigo pot.

my eclectic little loom

sleying the reed

stringing the heddles

ready to tie on the back beam

and wind on the warp

ready to weave


and weaving

and weaving

off the loom -- pulling the pattern strings tight

close up

wetting and pulling even tighter.

soaking before the alum pot

the indigo pot getting started

mine is the dark one next to the greenish one

cutting the pattern strings



front and back together

pattern opened up a bit

other side

even flatter

washed, hung and dry -- 12"x3' cottolin


Bjo said...

What a wonderful show from start to finish! I was only in on the dyeing part, and am proud to be even that small part of a beautiful project. I'd never heard of weaving in the shibori strings so this was a true learning experience for me. Thanks for sharing! -- Bjo

Ellen Shipley said...

Thank you, and you're welcome. ;-] I've seen it done before, and always meant to try it. Your indigo pot was the catalist. I found a book on woven shibori, but I got the pattern off the internet. Amazing what you can find these days. 8-]


inkyspider said...

Wow! Ellen that is such a fantastic series of photos showing the art of woven shibori. Thank-you.