Thursday, June 9, 2011

Preparing for Sprang Class

I'm preparing for my sprang class at the Fiber Retreat in a couple weeks.  Here's a sample piece I'm working on.  Freya and Loki are helping.  ;-j

This is to refresh myself and work out any kinks that might arise before the class.  Our class piece will be smaller, don't worry!

The loom is a frame made of stretcher bars with doweling and wooden skewers.  It's nice and portable and can be worked on my lap.  Another nice thing about this set-up is that you can turn it upside down and work it.  This helps you keep the beating even (you can't help beating harder down than up).  You can also switch direction of the slant.


Almost finished.


As a critique:  too wide, too long for a cap.  Center seam needs to be tighter.

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Bjo Trimble said...

Looks very much as if your pets have sprang-work down pat and don't need to pay much attention to it any more. -- Bjo