Monday, October 17, 2011

Fiber Frolic 2011 - Pictures

My sprang class -- all my serious students!

Steph finished her bag in class.


Rebekah all but finished her bag.  She worked on it all day.  That's dedication.  ;-]

Woody's fiber prep class:

There's Rebekah working away on her sprang.  ;->

The trick is to make the roving "unzip" from the drum just the way Woody demonstrated it.

Woody makes it look so easy.


Some other classes:
Tablet weaving

Some really kewl tablets made out of  Home Depot color chips...with hole protectors.


Bjeux tapestry

Spinning circle:

Dyeing station:

Felted scarves: 

Indigo Tye Dye:

Some of the merchants:

The end of a long, happy day:

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