Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My SCA Device

This is the mini-tapestry of my device for the Laurel's Cope.  I'm unsure how to deal with the back of the tapestry.  I've only ever mounted mini-tapestries to be framed, never to be work on a garment as a badge, and I'm unsure what is required.



And here it is on the Laurel's Cope at Coronation.  8-]

Sneaking a try-out of the cope.  ;->


Jeri F. said...

You know, I have a cape and only wash it about once a year. So I image you could just sew it on (hand sew). Then if you need to wash the cape, remove the device and then reattach when the cape is dry. I've sewn on a couple of items and they tend to hold their shape pretty well.

Ellen Shipley said...

Thanx Jeri. There are going to be so many badges sewn onto this cope I can't imagine ever washing it. ;-> But I guess I'm worrying overduly. I'm sure it'll be fine as is.

Esther Benedict said...

Beautiful, Ellen! I think they are planning on removing the badges if the cope ever needs cleaning. I think all you need to do is tuck in a few of the loose threads and you're done