Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lucy ~ Face Scape

Based on Lucy Seaman's space scapes, another variation with my moth.  This time with a face in the nebula.

Not specifically Lucy's face, but based on it.  I'd like to capture her smirky smile.

Thinking I might make it wider, also have the warp go the long way.  That would mean weaving the image on its side, but why not?

Or maybe larger face in proportion to the moons and moth.

Smaller elements.

Face is a little weird.  Definitely no kohl.

Some thoughts. Eyes ~ beads on white buttons, eyelids woven over the top.  Moons buttons, moth shell beads.

Moons can hang over the edge.  Trailing path of the moth ~ might be extended over the edge as well with wire or supp. warp.  Interesting idea.

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