Monday, June 1, 2009

Fiber Retreat 09

Joey hard at work. ;-]

Courney and Cora and a pal.

A couple tent city pics.

I remembered to pull out my camera during my classes this time. ;- j

A happy weaver. ;-] Glad you liked the class, Dawn.

Some more tapestries at the show & tell. I thought I was having deja vu seeing "my" tapestry all over the place. ;-b

Eowyn really took to the mud dyeing. I liked her indigo over-dye. Kewl idea.

Mud dye amongst the show & tell.

Just can't get away from that paleo-theme. ;- j

Baskets and more mud dye. 8-]

Here's my brazilwood and kamala offerings. Meager things, but mine own.

Tent city and the exhausted dye station.

Astra's Bjo tapestry project in the process.

Tie dye! Looks like a fun class Ercil. ;-]

This was just too much fun. I'm pooped. Wish I'd taken more pics. But I was just too busy having fun!

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Tan Family said...

What wonderful pictures! I made a copy of Joey's pic for our files. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher over the weekend.

Bjo Trimble said...

The lady in the background of Joey's pic is Kimberly McDermott, one of our newbies. Her husband was the large gent who just helped move things. -- Bjo

Astrid said...

What a wonderful entry!!! I had to 'borrow' some of your photos! Your artistic eye is pervasive. I loved your class. I am so excited about it.
Many Hugs - See you this weekend!