Monday, June 1, 2009

Spin, Ply & Dye

Eilidh showed me how to spin and ply from a single drop spindle at the Fiber Retreat this weekend. W00t! That's a kewl trick.

I bought a wool/bamboo blend from Camelion Colorworks to play with. After a spun and plied a small hank, I dropped it in the kamala pot to dye it. I'll send it along to Astra via Bruce at work for her Tapestry project.

I was really pressed for time at the end -- I dunked it in the only pot I could find on Sun. morning. ;- j Otherwise I might have overdyed it with indigo to make a more useful green.


cayswann said...

I'm so glad the method worked for you! :) Woot, indeed!

Tan Family said...

The yarn is gorgeous!! Sometimes the ones that we "dunk" without much planning turn out the best. It was great seeing you at the retreat. We'll blog about Joey's pin weaving when it's done. :)